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Best Backyard Patio Ideas

Backyard Patio Ideas For Home

  • A fire pit is a simple yet classy addition to a backyard patio. During the winter a fire pit can provide for a cozy atmosphere with its soft sepia tone and emanating warmth. A fire pit can add a trendy look to your place especially since these days there are a huge number of designs to choose from.

    Fire Pit Designs

    A classic fire pit is the Chimenea. It looks like a stout bottle, is fed with coal or wood from the front and has a tall chimney through which the smoke can escape. It comes in materials like clay or metal and various sizes to fit the kind of patio you have. Another popular choice is the permanent fire pit that is made by digging a hole in the ground. These can be rather beautiful and can be made in a variety of shades of stone. There are many portable varieties which come in the form of round or square metal bowls on stilts. These can be moved around and usually come with protective screens to stop embers from floating around.


    If the fire pit is portable, the surface on which is placed should be cement or tile and not wood or anything that can easily catch fire. Portable or stationary, the fire pit must be at a safe distance from surrounding structures so as to avoid a fire and soot stains. The fire pit must be designed in a way where the fire in the middle is shielded with a screen to avoid embers from flying up. It is also very important to keep the surrounding area clean of flammable material such as paper or dried leaves. It is not a good idea to keep a fire pit below a stooping tree or a canapé. Fire is dangerous and children and pets should be watched carefully when around a fire pit.

  • Your patio is an extension of your home. Your patio is where you relax and unwind, or entertain your guests. Obviously it must provide you with the comforts you are looking for. Your backyard patio design must include patio accessories which will help make your patio more comfortable and in keeping with your lifestyle. Here are some backyard patio ideas which will enhance your patio experience.

    Patio Lighting

    Patio lighting is an attractive backyard patio idea which makes your patio more striking. Here are some patio lighting suggestions:

    • Center table outdoor lighting can help save on patio space. A center table light, well located, can provide all the lighting you need on your patio.
    • Lanterns are a decorative lighting option. Lanterns are available in a mind-blowing choice from cheap paper lanterns to custom styles and shapes. Some lanterns are designed to project attractive images on your patio when switched on.
    • Embedded lighting is the new rage. Patio lights are now available which can be embedded in pots, plants, fixtures, steps and the floor. Embedded lights provide illumination which help prevent injuries from tripping and falling. Embedded patio lights are designed to be weather-resistant and durable. The do not get damaged if stepped on or knocked about.
    • The old traditional lamp post style patio light will never die. Take your choice from a number of options from European Classic, flamboyantly oriental exotic, to starkly modern.
    • Tiki torches hit the right tropical note. Tiki torches lend a naturally informal, festive air to your entertainment. They are perfect if you’re looking to create a tropical ambience.
    • Low-voltage and solar lighting are good options. With solar lighting you need no wires and they’re good for 15 hours.

    Patio Furniture

    This is an endless subject on which you have a whole range to choose from when backyard patio designs are being considered. It all depends on what theme you have in mind for your patio. You can choose from a wide range of patio sets comprising patio tables and chairs, benches, swings and swing-beds. For weather-resistance, patio furniture is made of materials like wrought iron, wood, metal or plastic. Patio furniture is a question of personal taste and preference. The selection will depend on what you plan to use your patio for and how much space you have available. Main points to keep in mind are a) the furniture should match your patio space b) stick with all-weather furniture.

    Pillows and Cushions

    Outdoor pillows and cushions are the easiest way to update and makeover outdoor furniture already in place. Buy colorful, textured, easy-to-change pillows and cushions. Choose treated materials that are weather and fade proof. They should be tough enough for life on your patio.

    Backyard Patio Fire Pit

    While you can buy a fire pit with a simple bowl and pedestal, you could easily build a sturdy stone or brick fire pit right in your patio floor. Keep these points in mind:

    • Check your building codes relating to outdoor fires and permits.
    • Choose an area away from shrubs, trees, structures or flammable materials.
    • Choose your stones or bricks so that they are uniform in shape, size and quality.
    • Protect the inside walls of your stone fire pit with a layer of black stove spray paint.

    Plants For Backyard Patios

    Plants are an unbeatable outdoor space accessory. Add flowering plants, potted plants and other foliage to your patio. A small herb garden adds to patio greenery and is easy to maintain. If you’re in a warm, dry climate consider cacti and succulents. Be creative and combine various colors and pots. Avoid wide plants and shrubs which occupy space. Think about vines and creepers on a trellis. They grow high, are attractive and need little space.

  • If you are looking for small backyard patio ideas, the available space, the layout, and your personal preferences will largely determine your patio design choice. Take time to consider your options and the features you would like to install so that your patio provides you with the relaxation and satisfaction you are looking for. Space is the main criterion in a small patio. Your patio design must provide this limited space with a sense of dimension so that it does not appear small and claustrophobic.

    Small backyard patio ideas could be simple and practical or luxuriously extravagant; size does not matter.  Consider all aspects like lighting, furniture and furnishings which must match what you plan to use your patio for. You might want to use it for relaxation or you might use it for entertaining, in which case how you design it will make a difference.

    Small Patio Ideas – Barbecue Or Fire Pit?

    If you are planning your patio for entertaining, you could start with locating a small barbecue or grilling station. Alternatively a fire pit might be a good idea, especially if you live in a place which could use some heating. If you buy one with a grill it could double up as a barbecue pit. Cook your steaks first then sit around the fireside when they’re done. Fire pits are available in a wide choice of designs, including with wheels. For a limited space, this is a good backyard patio idea as your fire pit becomes portable and can be moved aside when not required. Fire pits are dangerous if there are children or pets around. To be doubly safe, get one with a safety screen and keep a fire extinguisher handy.

    Small Patio Ideas – Water Feature For Small Backyard Patios

    A water feature is a great backyard patio idea. The babble of trickling water is relaxing and soothing. You could install a small fountain or even a waterfall which could be surrounded with decorative stones and plants. Commercial water features are uncomplicated. Put them in place, fill them with water, plug them in, and they’re ready to go.

    Small Patio Ideas – Lights For Transformation

    Lights can transform the appearance of any patio. A range of lighting designs are available today which will suit your outdoor living space. These include a variety of solar and other low-voltage options. If you are on a budget, you might string up Christmas lights on trees and bushes for remarkable effect. If your patio is under or near a large tree, you might consider floodlighting the tree for an amazing effect.

    Small Patio Ideas – Shade Options

    If you plan on using your patio in the daytime then shade is a must. You could settle for patio umbrellas or a colorful canvas awning, both of which are cheap options. Your decision will largely depend on which direction your patio faces and how much natural light you are happy with.

    Small Patio Ideas – Plants And Greenery

    There’s no better backyard patio idea than to decorate a small patio than with plants. Plants provide an incomparable lushness and greenery. For a small patio taller plants would be more suitable. Vines on trellises are ideal as they do not require much patio space. If you can, select your plant choices from shrubs, perennials or vertical trees for inviting effects. Maintain a balance between plant selection and the patio space available to you.

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